"From pain to peace, heartbreak to happiness, and grief to gratitude in the shortest time possible."

Why do we grieve anyway?

We grieve because we loved.

Grieving is not a disease. It is a necessity that follows no linear pattern. Grief coaching, an untapped non-therapeutic paradigm, shifts the perspective that grief is an illness that needs to be treated, fixed, or cured. Instead, it empowers individuals to open themselves up to allow the normal and natural responses to loss … giving themselves permission to grieve. Thereafter, helping them to navigate through and thrive in their own personal sense of new normalcy. Grief coaching does not infer, provide, or replace professional counseling, therapy, or mental health services.

Our mission is to educate on the misunderstood and often avoided sensitive topic of grief; train and certify professional grief coaches to help individuals move from pain to peace, heartbreak to happiness, and grief to gratitude in the shortest time possible; and, to help organizations create compassionate and grief-informed workplace cultures.

Grief Coach Certification

Work through any personal unresolved grief while learning to coach others through the loss of loved ones using a proven, non-therapeutic, compassion-led methodology.  Program is ideal for those with some coaching experience or for the individual with a compassionate desire to serve. The From Grief to Gratitude Coach Certification Program is accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

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Grief in the Workplace

Does your organization support a compassionate and grief-informed workplace culture? Do grieving employees feel supported when grieving a loss? Do you know what is best and worst to say to a grieving employee?  Are you aware of the unspoken impact of grief in the workplace?  Do you know the grief-related costs to your bottom line? Services include in-house and virtual workshops, seminars, webinars, and consulting services.

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