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From Grief to Gratitude Coach Certification Program

Our Promise to You . . .

As a From Grief to Gratitude Certified Coach, you will have the knowledge, skills, resources, and confidence to coach clients through the transformative process of handling the painful emotions of losing a loved one, getting on top of their grief, and moving forward in life with meaning and purpose in the shortest time possible.

"Each of us at some point has been directly or indirectly touched by loss and may unconsciously hold within us blocks of unresolved grief. Imagine being as free as you can be to be able to move beyond this limitation and be more sensitive and tuned fully into your clients."  Sheila Paxton, Author and Master Coach

Work through your own grief while learning to help others.

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Why Become a From Grief to Gratitude Certified Coach?

There is great satisfaction as a coach to get real results for your clients. The unique inclusion of a life coaching element takes your client not only through the grieving process, but extends through embracing a life of joy, fulfillment, and gratitude. Your clients will experience growth through their grief and find gratitude in who they are becoming. You will help them pull from their inner strength with powerful, effective coaching tools and exercises to reduce the grief-related pain, fear, stress, and anxiety and propel them forward to a fulfilled life of meaning and purpose. You won’t try to fix them… They are not broken. You won’t try to heal them… They are not sick. You won’t judge them… They are not to be judged. You won’t tell them what to do… You will help them take forward-moving action. You won’t push them… You will challenge them.  Your services as a grief coach will never go unappreciated.  

What is the Five-Step From Grief to Gratitude Coaching Model?

Using the From Grief to Gratitude Coaching Model, your clients will:

  • Understand the grief process and be able to acknowledge the normal and natural responses to loss
  • Accept the fragility of life and the reality of death. Be able to honor the life and continue the legacy of your loved one.
  • Begin blending old routines, habits, and traditions with newer ones to create a renewed awareness of self.
  • Accept the continuance of your own life and take action to embrace your future.
  • Move forward beyond the grief and create and enjoy a fulfilled life of love and gratitude.

Giving Yourself Permission to Grieve. Just as each of us was born with our unique DNA, so is the grief experience unique to each of us. There is no Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), rulebook, or one size fits all approach to handling grief. There is no right or wrong way to grieve and no one can tell you how to grieve; however, it is necessary to validate the uniqueness of the grief experience.

Remembering to Honor the Life and Legacy. Recognizing and accepting that the physical body is no longer with us, we now move to focus on the essence of who our loved one was, values instilled, accomplishments gained, lessons learned, gifts shared, memories treasured… the legacy left.

Incorporating New Traditions into Old Traditions. It is essential to your overall well-being to express and release your feelings. Staying stuck in only the past and harboring even a small percentage of unresolved grief can affect every other area of your life. Recognizing the "F" Factor: Fear, Forgiveness, and Faith is essential as you release painful emotions and begin to transition your grief and move into your new reality.

Embracing Meaning and Purpose Going Forward. You have been extended membership in a club that you never asked to join, and your life will never be the same again; however, your life can be meaningful. Seeing change as the natural flow of life and building confidence in handling it paves the way to begin creating your own legacy.

Finding Gratitude in the Gift of Now. You began the program giving yourself permission to grieve and now it is time to give yourself permission to move beyond your grief. This does not mean forgetting that hole in your heart. Treasured memories will always reside there. This should elicit a sense of peace, comfort, and even excitement as you forge ahead with the next chapter of your “new” life going forward.