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Offer your employees, members, and clients a compassionate benefit that continues to show care and concern after a loss.

Businesses, Death Care Professionals, Unions, Associations, Healthcare Organizations, Educational Institutions, Churches, Hospice Organizations, Non-Profits, Entrepreneurs, and more …  

Our Corporate Partner Program offers organizations continuity of compassionate care and concern for employees, members, and clients after a loss. For a fraction of the cost of many grief-related benefits, products, and services, you can add the My Grief Coach online self-directed grief coaching program as an additional resource to any current grief support offerings. It is easy to join and requires no setup or installation on your part.  


Grief will directly or indirectly affect every organization at some point.  Our mission is to help you ensure that your organization exemplifies a compassionate and grief sensitive culture not only at the time of loss, but in the days, weeks, and months following the loss.

The effects of grief can linger for an extended period following a loss, affecting one’s physical and emotional well-being. Because we live in a grief-avoidance society, this topic is often avoided due to lack of information and education on the subject. Some don’t know that help is available. Some choose not to utilize professional counseling, therapy, or support groups. Some rely on the myths and stigmas heard such as “It just takes time, be strong, stay busy, or think about happy times instead.” Some rely on judgmental perceptions such as the indication that reaching out for help is a sign of weakness or that grieving is a sickness. Many tire of hearing others, although meaning well, say all the wrong things such as, “I understand how you feel.”

Grief is the normal and natural response to loss, and if denied or left unresolved can result in unhealthy manifestations. We believe that with the proper education, tools, and support one doesn’t have to become victim to many years of suffering from a devastating loss, such as the loss of a spouse, child, friend, even a pet . . . the list is endless.

We are currently experiencing a tsunami of loss and grief resulting from the pandemic. Research indicates that every death from COVID-19 will leave approximately nine bereaved. Dora Carpenter says, “We can’t discount other losses that are still occurring on a daily basis. We can and must do more to acknowledge, validate, and support individuals during this time and beyond. At the Institute of Professional Grief Coaching, we are pledging to do our part.” She says that My Grief Coach is like having your virtual grief coach journeying beside you as you navigate the wilderness of grief and find meaning and purpose in life going forward.

My Grief Coach Program Highlights

Grief sensitivity not addressed in organizations can impact morale, productivity, retention, safety, and the financial bottom line. My Grief Coach aims to benefit the personal and professional wellbeing of participants and organizations.

Online self-directed grief coaching program. Program modules and lessons include grief education, actionable grief coaching tools, and practical life coaching prompts to help individuals as they move through and beyond the loss. Program content is delivered via video, audio, and text formats.

Convenient Access. Unlimited access to the online program 24/7 with no timeframe to complete. No need to miss time away from work or daily responsibilities. No in-person appointments or support groups to attend.

Pop Up Events. Occasional live online events such as webinars, ‘Ask the Coach’ Q&A sessions, presentations, etc.

Downloadable Bonus. ABC’s of Grief Workbook, a 26-prompt grief workbook and journal.

Downloadable Bonus. From Grief to Gratitude Firsties Planner, a grief planner kit for the first year following loss.

Downloadable Bonus. Start Where You Are and Stage It, a life coaching ebook for moving beyond adversity.

My Grief Coach Program Content

Participants can complete all lessons or choose individual modules and lessons as they desire.

Course 1: Give Yourself Permission to Grieve. It is not our fault that we are challenged with coping with loss and grief. Our society does not normalize the subject, so when we are forced to respond to the occasion of death, we are unprepared to handle these painful, although normal and natural responses to loss. Others do and say all the wrong things, such as “I understand how you feel.” Some minimize the significance of your loss as if it was a small bump in the road. Still others don’t acknowledge and validate your feelings and judge how you are handling your loss. We are unique individuals, and our grief journey will be our own. Grief is not linear and there is no right or wrong way to grieve. It is important that you give yourself permission to grieve in order to transition to a place of peace and comfort as you integrate the loss into your life.

Course 2: Five Pitfalls of Grief. Knowing the pitfalls of grief and how to minimize and even avoid them can prevent being stuck in the painful emotions and deep fog of grief. Ignored or left unresolved can negatively affect all other areas of one’s life. This course highlights five of the pitfalls of grief and challenges you with takeaway coaching exercises to help you move from pain to peace, heartbreak to happiness, and grief to gratitude in the shortest time possible.

Course 3: Holiday Grief to Gratitude Challenge. Whether the death was this year or many years ago, the holiday season can intensify the emotions of grief. When others are celebrating the sights, sounds, festivities, and family togetherness, it may seem that they have forgotten all about your loss. This 21-day holiday grief challenge offers daily exercises and tools to help you better cope during this time.

Course 4: Decide to Say Yes After Loss. We want to look at who you are right now, and more importantly who you are becoming. Who will you become to yourself, your family, friends, associates, your community, and all of humanity? Yes, the past has shattered your hopes, dreams, and expectations and might have left you broken, bitter, sad, lost, and disappointed. Taking even a baby step to not just survive, but to thrive, will begin your journey of finding meaning and purpose in a fulfilled life.

BONUS COURSE: Wake Up Loving Life Transformational Boot Camp. Are you living life or merely existing and going with the flow? What is holding you hostage from taking control of your future? Does your negative chatterbox keep you from stepping outside of your comfort zone to do, be, and have what you truly desire? Are you waking up dissatisfied with the person you see in the mirror? Are you a victim, or are you taking responsibility for your life? What excuse or excuses are you tolerating for not achieving your ultimate potential. Dora Carpenter says, “As your virtual coach, I want to inspire, encourage, and motivate you to live your best life now … right now … in this present moment. Life is here. It is now. It is waiting for you!”


Dora Carpenter

Certified Professional Coach

Program Facilitator

My Grief Coach is facilitated by Coach Dora Carpenter, Founder of the Institute of Professional Grief Coaching (IOPGC) and the ICF-accredited From Grief to Gratitude Coach Certification Program. Coach Dora is an author, speaker, trainer, and coach. Working many years in the death care industry and assisting hundreds of families birthed her passion for grief coaching. Since 2017, the IOPGC has trained and certified over 200 grief coaches in the United States, Canada, Qatar, Cayman Islands, Spain, Kuwait, and Slovak Republic.

Corporate Partner Membership

My Grief Coach is available to the general public for $495 per enrollee. With a Corporate Partner Membership, you pay as little as $10 per enrollee per year and there is no requirement to renew annual membership. Why such a discounted price to organizations? Dora Carpenter says, “We must do more to reach, educate, and support the massive number of people who are grieving. Many don’t know that help is available, and some don’t have access to help. Too many are suffering in silence and grief is taking control of their everyday existence. Many are unable to function at their maximum level of productivity as their careers and professions require them to show up as they work through not only their personal grief, but the grief of others.”

After payment is processed, you will be notified of membership activation so that individuals can begin accessing all of the above-listed features. Each individual who enrolls in My Grief Coach will have unlimited access to the program for one year.  


50% Off Introductory Special Offer

Special Offer Good Through December 31, 2021.  Offer extended for a limited time.

Number of Participants

Annual Membership Cost

Now Only

Up to 100 Participants

$2,197 (As little as $22 per participant per year)

$1,099 per year


101 to 250 Participants

$3,497 (As little as $14 per participant per year)

$1,749 per year


251 to 500 Participants

$5,497 (As little as $11 per participant per year)

$2,749 per year


501 to 1,000 Participants

$9,997 (As little as $10 per participant per year)

$4,999 per year


       For pricing of more than 1,000 participants contact us.

DISCLAIMER. Grief coaching is not a substitute for professional counseling, therapy, or mental health services. Programs offered by the Institute of Professional Grief Coaching (IOPGC) are not based on a conceptual, intellectual, or theological perspective. The staff, coaches, instructors, facilitators, and programs, provide education and support; do not imply, infer, or attempt to fix, heal, or cure grief; and, do not imply or provide professional counseling or therapy. If you are experiencing serious suicidal thoughts that you cannot control, please telephone 911 or call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).