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Grief is the journey. Gratitude is the destination.™


Join Our List of Published Authors

We are excited to announce the From Grief to Gratitude Book Series


Grief hurts. Although the normal and natural response to loss, the resulting painful emotions can seem unbearable. It is okay to cry, be sad, or even angry. We grieve because we loved what has been taken and is now missing from our lives.

Harboring your emotions can lead to negative effects of unresolved grief. We hope that our shared stories will touch your heart and soul as you navigate your unique and personal grief journey. Please know that you are not alone when grieving a loss. Think of our upcoming book series as your “take-along grief friends” supporting you with compassionate care and concern from the pages of a book. Shared emotional stories might make you cry, smile, laugh, or experience a combination of responses.

Feel the connection of this shared human experience of love, loss, grief, and gratitude. Feel empowered to move beyond your grief and find meaning and purpose in your life going forward.

“The sorrow we feel when we lose a loved one is the price we pay to have had them in our lives.”  ~Rob Liano

Our Upcoming Inaugural Book Release


Want to contribute to our inaugural book in the From Grief to Gratitude Book Series? Want to share your story of pet loss to encourage others?  Want to become a published author or add to your current published author status?  Sharing your story not only benefits you, but lets others know they are not alone and inspires them to move beyond grief to a place of peace and comfort.  Gain author status recognition and exposure on Amazon's international marketplaces.  Sell the book on your own website, blog, at events, and more.  As a contributing author to a From Grief to Gratitude Series publication, you grant us the rights to publish, but you retain the ownership of your story.


  • Share your story with others. Inspire, motivate, and encourage others on their grief journey. Sharing your story of perseverance, tenacity, and overcoming not only benefits you, but lets others know they are not alone and inspires them to move beyond grief to a place of peace and comfort. If your story encourages just one reader, you have made a difference.
  • Author status recognition. Create or add to your Amazon published author page. We will give you instructions to create your author page. There is no charge to become a published author on Amazon.
  • Complimentary copies. You will receive five complimentary copies of the published paperback book. You can purchase additional copies in bulk (25 or more copies) at a discounted rate.
  • Additional source of revenue. Sell copies on your website, blog, store, back-of-the-room event, promotional giveaways, and more.
  • Marketing and media exposure. A published book can be your “big business card” for gaining media attention, speaking engagements, credibility, adding additional products to your current offerings, and much more.
  • Retain ownership. As a contributor to a From Grief to Gratitude Book Series publication, you will retain ownership of your story, but you grant us the rights to publish it. This is explained further in the Anthology Submission Agreement.

“No one should have to grieve alone or suffer in silence. When we help just one individual move from pain to peace, heartbreak to happiness, and grief to gratitude, we are contributing a labor of love by effecting a positive impact for all of humanity,” says Dora Carpenter, Certified Professional Coach and Founder of the Institute of Professional Grief Coaching.

BOOK FORMAT. Currently, we are only publishing the paperback edition of our books. Books will not be available in eBook or Kindle formats at this time.

SUBMISSION GUIDELINES. Contributors will submit original personal stories of 1,500 words or less (approximately three typed pages) and biography of 150 words or less to include one link to website, social media profile, or email. The signed Anthology Submission Agreement must accompany submissions. We review stories from a diverse group of contributors and selection criteria is not based on nationalities, ethnicities, religions, or sexual orientations. Thirty-three (33) stories will be selected for inclusion. Submissions do not guarantee inclusion in the published book. You will be notified if your submission is selected for inclusion.

All stories must be submitted via the online submission form. Stories will not be accepted via email. Once you hit the submit button you will see a confirmation. That is all you need to do. You will not receive further communication from us unless your story has been selected for inclusion in the book submitted for. If you have not heard from us in approximately 60 days from submission deadline, that means we have decided not to use your story for that publication. Feel free to submit stories for future publications in the series.

Submission Deadline for Loss of a Pet is September 30, 2022


Be sure to subscribe to our email list for opportunities to contribute to future publications in the From Grief to Gratitude Book Series.

Grief Talk Revolution: It's Time to Talk About the Elephant in the Room


“This is really an important topic that most people never receive any education about, yet every one of us is going to have to deal with it probably at multiple times in our life. You are doing important work and you have such an interesting story.”  

−JACK CANFIELD, Co-Author of the Bestselling Chicken Soup for the Soul™ Series


Dora Carpenter shares her wisdom and experience is a series of quick-read pocket-sized books.  She opens her heart and shares coaching tips and tools to help individuals move forward on their grief journeys while embracing hope for a fulfilled future.

When Will the Pain Go Away?  

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Grief 2020: 20 Coaching Tips for Moving Through the Pandemic.

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Each Day Matters: 365 Affirmations for Celebrating Life Beyond Loss

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Holiday Grief 2020: A Season of the Heart

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A Mother's Love Beyond the Grave 

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What Makes You Smile?

Joy | Happiness | Gratitude

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in 2022



in 2022


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