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Our Featured Coaches

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Tamu Carter-El

Galloway, New Jersey

I am a person who lost her mother in 2002 and I have been facilitating a GriefShare class for 10 years. It has become my purpose in life to help others with the grief process and I hope to use my experiences to lead others to healing. 

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Carlton Carpenter

Washington, D.C.

I have worked in the recruiting and staffing industry for more than 15 years and another 15+ years in the death industry. Both career paths led me to serving and counseling individuals. Working with families who have experienced a loss can be particularly challenging. My success in this industry is attributed to compassionate listening to my families’ concerns and needs, reading body language of the grieving families, and knowing when to talk or when to be silent. The unspoken word can move you forward or stop you in your tracks.

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Cynthia MacMillan

Palm Bay, Florida

I’m Cindy MacMillan a Grief and Loss Coach and when you are ready to work through your grief, I’m here to guide you. I am powerfully committed to showing up every day aligned to my mission: to guide and support women as they face their sadness, reconnect with their lives, and find a way forward. Grief work is personal and it’s messy and it’s hard and it’s courageous and I believe every emotion needs a seat at the table. Why? Following the death of my grandfather, stepbrother, and my mother, when I was 7-years old, people around me didn't talk about them anymore; death was a taboo subject and discussing it was considered morbid. I believe it’s time to talk about the elephant in the room. Death. This is just one important pillar of the work that I do because grief and loss come in many forms.

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Ronald Hardy, Sr.

Zachary, Louisiana

Ronald Hardy Sr. is an accomplished author, teacher, and mentor with more than 35 years of leadership experience. As a Bishop, Ronald faithfully serves two congregations as well as his community. Ronald is also the proud father of four children, and was a devoted husband to his late wife of 38 years, Robbin Hardy. Through the tragedy of losing his wife, and the realization of the complexities of navigating the grief journey, Ronald developed a passion for helping others navigate their grief journey. The combination of his personal experience and extensive training, allows Ronald to empathize with clients while utilizing industry certified coaching methods and techniques to help them heal after experiencing the hurt that loss brings.