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Our Featured Coaches

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Bobbie Rae Boyer

Founder | The Centered Ground

Certified Grief Coach | Vibrational Sound Therapy Practitioner |  5Rhythms SpaceHolder in Motion Since 2006

Wesley Chapel, Florida

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Christina Ferguson, MS

Washington, D.C.

A background in oncology clinical research is her profession.  Coaching women to thrive beyond adversity is her passion.

As a certified professional coach, author, and founder of Infidelity Hurts Awareness Day, Christina shares her authentic story of adversity to inspire and encourage others.

Christina's newest coaching program, "Creating You at 40" launches in early 2021.

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Michelle Russell

Ashland, Ohio

After a number of years working in the business world, I became a licensed counselor and later a life coach because I wanted to partner with others as they faced difficulties that are an ever-present part of life.  As I have borne witness to other people's stories and lived out my own personal experiences of loss and grief, I have discovered there can be a spring of hope in the darkest moments of life.  My mission is to walk alongside and support others as they find hope and meaning in the most unlikely of places, and cheer them on as they walk into new seasons of healing, growth, and discovery.  

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Rev. Dr. Anita Green

Mableton, Georgia

I’ve taken a special interest in grief and bereavement because of the difficult time I had dealing with the deaths of my parents. My doctoral research is in the area of African American Women and Grief. I facilitate grief support groups for churches and other organizations, individuals and families. I guest lecture for pastoral care classes at the local seminary on grief. 

My mantra is to “Empower, Encourage and Equip people to live boldly in the midst of brokenness.”