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Our Featured Coaches

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Lisa Starkweather

Andover, Massachusetts

My name is Lisa Starkweather, and I am a registered nurse with over 20 years of experience working with medically complex children. I have seen and experienced first-hand what happens with families as they struggle with the illness and death of a child and how the loss of my husband changed everything for myself and our children. My life experiences made me realize that I want to help and support others as they move forward in their grief journey. As a certified grief coach, I want to help my clients find love, peace, purpose, and gratitude again as they move forward in honor of their beloved. 

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LaShawn Basham

Waldorf, Maryland

CEO of Queens

After losing my mother at 11 months old and going through life never understanding the emotions I carried on a daily basis. Now 46 years later I understand those emotions were called "GRIEF" and I turned them into Gratitude. I understand it's okay to mourn, to cry, to heal, and to began to GROW. That gratitude helped me to birth QUEENS "Breaking the Silence and Mending Broken Hearts Along the Way"

Where healing begins, where tears are shed, where you can be open, where you can be yourself and become whole again.

"Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted" Matthews 5:4

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Kim Oswald

North Andover, Massachusetts

I have never imagined that I would be a Grief and Loss Coach until I experienced tremendous grief after losing my beloved husband of 25+ years. I have always been passionate about helping and supporting others and have parlayed this passion into helping grieving men and women navigate loss and learn to live again. Grief is a tricky business and the only way through is one step at a time. I have learned a process for moving through grief and learning to live a full and happy life after a devastating loss and I am excited to share it with you. My passion for helping others combined with my personal experience and training makes me an understanding, compassionate and sensitive grief coach.  I will work with you to become strong and live a complete fulfilled life after a loss.

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Lyela Lambert

Lake Charles, Louisiana

Lyela Lambert is a regular, hard working mother and grandmother from Lake Charles, Louisiana. Life as she knew it was never perfect, yet it was normal until her oldest son was murdered in May 2011. After many trials, tribulations, depressed states and infinite prayers she took the pain of losing her child, and put it in the form of a book titled “Live Beyond Your Loss.” Her goal is to help as many as she can know that death is a part of life and it’s the one thing God promised us.  So while we are still here, we must do what we can to leave a legacy filled with purpose.