From Grief to Gratitude Coaching Program

Grief is the Journey . . . Gratitude is the Destination

If you are grieving the loss of a loved one and feel that the pain will never go away, you are not alone. Our certified grief coaches have walked the walk and can help you move from pain to peace, heartbreak to happiness, and grief to gratitude in the shortest time possible.

Your grief journey is unique to you, but you don’t have to grieve alone. Lots of useful information is available online to help you cope with your grief, but sometimes you desire more. You desire someone to talk to without telling you what you should or should not do to feel better. You desire someone to listen without trying to fix you or your grief. You desire a non-judgmental, caring person to share your unique concerns in private. You desire someone to chat with by telephone in the privacy and comfort of your own home. You desire to talk to someone other than your family or close friends, who are trying to help but say all the wrong things. You desire a virtual shoulder to cry on and a virtual ear to simply listen. You prefer to meet with someone one-on-one instead of a group support setting. You are looking for another option to professional counseling or therapy. Our compassionate, empathetic certified grief coaches are here to journey with you as you navigate this wilderness of grief. 

Our grief coaches will help you pull from your inner strength with powerful, effective coaching tools and exercises to reduce the grief-related pain, fear, stress, and anxiety and propel you forward to a fulfilled life of meaning and purpose. We won’t try to fix you… You are not broken. We won’t try to heal you… You are not sick. We won’t judge you… You are not to be judged. We won’t tell you what to do… We will help you take forward-moving action. We won’t push or pull you… We will journey beside you. When you work with one of our featured certified grief coaches, you get the best results, the biggest breakthroughs, and the greatest transformations.

Reach out to one of our featured coaches to see if their coaching program is a good fit for you.

Disclaimer:  As grief coaches we do not provide professional counseling, therapy, or mental health services. If you are experiencing serious suicidal thoughts that you cannot control, please telephone 911 or call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).  Please note that all coaches operate independently and separate from the Institute of Professional Grief Coaching.

Featured From Grief to Gratitude Certified Coaches

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Staci Hufty

Columbus, Indiana

Murder. It’s sudden. It’s traumatic. It’s devastating. It brings you to unbearable grief. We are not taught about grief. We are not taught how to grieve. We are not equipped to know what to do when sudden traumatic loss enters our life. We are not prepared. I didn’t get to choose how my story began. I was not prepared for this life changing trauma that entered my life when my brother was brutally murdered at the age of 22. Domestic violence takes the innocent and shatters the innocence of life.

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Rhonda Cornwall

Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

After the loss of my father I have been drawn to helping others in their grief recovery journey, knowing personally what it is like to live without someone important to you. My eyes were also opened to the fact that grief can happen as a result of any type of significant loss, such as a loss of a job or relationship. My professional experience has allowed me to work with a diverse group of clients including counseling at a trauma hospital with those impacted by a medical crisis, including those suffering with cancer.

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Evangelist Patricia Blaino

Bowie, Maryland

He wasn't just my beloved husband of 40 years, but a father, grandfather, and my pastor. Not just surviving many losses, but learning to thrive even after surviving breast cancer a year after losing my dear husband. My purpose is to stand beside you and walk with you through the process. Grief is the price we pay for LOVE. My mission, my passion -- "Assauge Allay" which means "Pain Diminished."

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Shelle Kindschuh

Pulaski, Wisconsin

I feel like my whole life has been preparing me for the opportunity to help people through coaching. Two significant life experiences leading me in that direction were the death of my mom and unexpected death of my husband. Becoming a certified life, grief and loss coach, along with my own self coaching has been instrumental for me and helped my healing tremendously.

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Shirley Feuerstein

Cary, North Carolina

After the death of my husband from an illness lasting over 18 years, I realized, I no longer knew what my purpose going forward was to be.

After the raw grief and acceptance of his death had passed and everyone had gone home and all the “need to do items where completed”, I sat and wondered “now what”.  My journey has allowed me to create new possibilities for myself, turn old traditions into new ones and light a passion in me to help others who are experiencing grief in one form or another.   

From Grief to Gratitude Certified Coaches

Valerie Alawiye

Frederick, Maryland

Cherie Barnes

Chicago, Illinois

Diana King Barnes

Richlands, North Carolina

Evangeline Barrón

San Pedro, California

Doshia Barton

Detroit, Michigan

Patricia Blaino

Bowie, Maryland

Tamara Bogan

Beallsville, Pennsylvania

Sandi Boyd

Roanoke, Virginia

Bobbie Rae Boyer

Wesley Chapel, Florida

Alycia Breene

Severna Park, Maryland

Lisa Marie Brewer

Phoenix, Arizona

Pamela Brooks

Bowie, Maryland

Karen Camerato

Greenville, South Carolina

Karolyn Carrasco

San Diego, California

Teisha Casasanta

Mableton, Georgia

Dawn Christiansen

Tulare, California

Diane Clark

Saint Augustine, Florida

Gizelle Clemens

Newark, New Jersey

Carmen Coleman

Mineral, Virginia

Lorna Cooper

Barcelona, SPAIN

Rhonda Cornwall


Natalie Cutayne

North Vancouver, BC, CANADA

Nicolette Davis

Villa Park, Illinois

Patricia Day-McCray

Chicago, Illinois

Jennifer Deinard

Greenwich, Connecticut

Rev. Sindile Dlamini

Washington, District of Columbia

Lauri Osborn Fabry

Muskego, Wisconsin

Rev. Dr. Anthony Farmer

Mount Rainier, Maryland

Christina Ferguson

Washington, District of Columbia

Shirley Feuerstein

Cary, North Carolina

Roy B. Fisher

Dothan, Alabama

Prakash Flagg

Los Angeles, California

Naila Francis

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Jacqueline Gale

Surf City, New Jersey

Cheryl Gatons

Greensburg, Pennsylvania

Candice Graciano

Teaneck, New Jersey

Sylvia Grant

Blythewood, South Carolina

April Groveau

Tinley Park, Illinois

Clare Hadley


Deborah Hadley

Alexandria, Minnesota

Patricia Hagerman

Colts Neck, New Jersey

Cecelia Harkness

Elverson, Pennsylvania

Eudora Heath

Hyattsville, Maryland

Judith Hill

Stone Mountain, Georgia

Angela Hohmann

Dubuque, Iowa

Heather D. Horton

Washington, District of Columbia

Jolie Hrominchuk

Winnipeg, CANADA

Staci Hufty

Columbus, Indiana

Suzanne Isaacs

Jefferson, Maryland

Yasmine Johnson

New Church, Virginia

Holly-Jo Jones

Durham, North Carolina

Willetta Jones

Cornelius, North Carolina

Jennifer Kerkado

Sandwich, Massachusetts

Keyona Kline

Charlotte, North Carolina

Ellen Krohne

Okawville, Illinois

Rachael Kroot

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Maria Langston

Richland Hills, Texas

Jennifer LaGuardia

Nashville, Tennessee

Catherine LaPointe

Falmouth, Maine

Tonya Love

Jacksonville, Florida

Debbie Lowe

San Luis Obispo, California

Dr. Edith Mahone

Patttison, Texas

Carletta Andrea Manigat

Charlotte, North Carolina

Patricia McClenon

Washington, District of Columbia

Rochelle McPhaul

Mitchellville, Maryland

Cheryl Mefferd

Hollister, Missouri

Genevieve Migala

Sauk Rapids, Minnesota

Natalie Miles

Heyburn, Idaho

Heidi Miller

Windsor, Vermont

Angelica Montgomery

Apple Valley, California

Victoria Moore

Dale City, Virginia

Latisa B. Muhammad

Houston, Texas

Brenda Nelson

Shakopee, Minnesota

Brian Newkirk

Worcester, Massachusetts

Alison Nevarez

Redondo Beach, California

Manuela Novotny

Cleveland, Ohio

Megan OBrien

El Cerrito, California

Deboranne O'Connor

Clarksburg, Maryland

Barbara Owens

Washington, District of Columbia

Suzena Palmieri

Fairfield, Connecticut

Corinth Parker

Gibsonton, Florida

Jennifer Pepper

Arvada, Colorado

Dolly Peterson

Gainesville, Virginia

Celeste Pinckney

Owings Mill, Maryland

Shelle Ponfil

Pulaski, Wisconsin

Alexandra Privilovics

Baltimore, Maryland

Kristina Risinger

Jacksonville, Florida

Michelle Roderick

New Bedford, Massachusetts

Dorothy "Dot" Robinson

St. Johnsbury, Vermont

Denise Rose

Davis, California

Anne Rosenfeld

Cherry Hill, New Jersey

Jessica Russell

Missoula, Montana

Laura Robbins Ryan

Groveland, Florida

Mel Santos

San Francisco, California

Sandra Schmidt

Upper Marlboro, Maryland

Meta Scott

Sanford, Florida

Vibeke Seymour

Denver, Colorado

Stephanie Shealey

DeSoto, Texas

Emily Shutt

Downingtown, Pennsylvania

Amanda Smith

Goddard, Kansas

Rose Smith

Central City, Kentucky

Meghan Smith Brooks

Cincinnati, Ohio

Donna Spurgeon-Williford

Oracle, Arizona

Rebecca Tiso

Roslindale, Massachusetts

Madeline L. Washington

Hyattsville, Maryland

Brooke Watts

South Jordan, Utah

Bernita White

Elyria, Ohio

Laura Wilcock

Darien, Connecticut

Kimberley Young

Mt. Airy, Maryland