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Connect with Liz

Liz Brumfield, ACC

Mission Viejo, California

A member of the IOPGC Advisory Board, Liz is a compassionate presence for those experiencing the pain of loss. After many years of her own complicated grief, her passion is to partner with women to provide support, encouragement and tools as they journey together through the heartbreak of grief toward hope for the future.

About Liz

Her experience of grief spans more than forty-five years beginning with the sudden death of her mother. Friends and family members didn’t know what to say or do, and left her feeling alone, without resources and unable to work through her grief.


Along with a life coaching credential from the International Coach Federation, she holds certifications as a grief educator and a grief coach. Having finally worked through her own grief, she is eager to serve you as a gentle and compassionate companion and guide. Whether your loss is recent or from many years ago, it really is possible to ultimately remember your loved ones with more love than pain.

Services Offered

• Complimentary Discovery Call

• Individual Grief Coaching via Zoom