From Grief to Gratitude Coaching Program

   Grief is the Journey  . . .  Gratitude is the Destination

"Pain to peace, heartbreak to happiness, and grief to gratitude in the shortest time possible."

Evangelist Patricia M. Blaino

Author: “Crushed to Blossom Again”

Co-Author “The Roots of Holiday Grief”

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He wasn't just my beloved husband of 40 years, but a father, grandfather, and my pastor. Not just surviving many losses, but learning to thrive even after surviving breast cancer a year after losing my dear husband. My purpose is to stand beside you and walk with you through the process. Grief is the price we pay for LOVE. My mission, my passion - "Assauge Allay" which means "Pain Diminished."


Certified From Grief to Gratitude Coach and a Spiritual Grief Coach with a local residential care facility, conduct and facilitate group fellowship sessions at my local church.


Services Offered

Group Coaching

One-One Coaching


Personal and Confidential

A listening ear, concern, heart of compassion and love for anyone experiencing loss in any area or season of their lives.

Life is the greatest teacher we have. During the process we gain experience. Gaining experience, we ask questions to gain knowledge, once obtained, we talk to ourselves then share with others. Here is where I obtained all of my healing after losing a circle of loved ones, relationship and even surviving breast cancer, not even a year after losing my husband, who was my Pastor. The pain is real, the love is forever. My purpose is to stand beside you and walk with someone through the process. WE CAN’T GET STUCK!

As a Tax Professional for over 40 years, here is where I consult on a different level meeting the needs of my clientele.

“Grief, Never Explained, But Always Experienced”

“Grief is the Price We Pay for LOVE” 

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