Shelle Kindshuh

I feel like my whole life has been preparing me for the opportunity to help people through coaching. Two significant life experiences leading me in that direction were the death of my mom and unexpected death of my husband. Becoming a certified life, grief and loss coach, along with my own self coaching has been instrumental for me and helped my healing tremendously

I empower clients who are facing loss in their lives and show them how it is possible to convert these personal challenges into growth opportunities. I offer them support and guidance to thrive through these transitional phases no matter how challenging they are. Having been through some pretty significant trauma, loss, and death in my own life, I feel passionate about helping clients through what can be a very scary time. 


Certified From Grief to Gratitude Coach, Certified Health and Life Coach

Services Offered

One on One Coaching via phone or video conferencing

Voxer Coaching

Group Coaching

Work with Me

Taking the first step can feel scary, but not as scary as the prospect of staying stuck in grief. You deserve support and comfort. Navigating grief and loss can be tough but it’s much easier when you have someone on your side to tell you that all feelings are justifiable. We will work together to steer your life in the direction that you want it to go, in your time. 

ShelleLynn Coaching and my Living Forward Program was born from the vision that we all can continue on and thrive after loss. Living Forward honors our past while also connecting us through love, strength and gratitude.

I look forward to speaking to you on a complimentary call to uncover if working together something that would benefit the both of us. My heart is open, I believe in you, and together we can find a way to help you live forward in the way that feels right for you.

Thank you so much!


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