CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC SUPPORT. We are here for you during this time of fear, anxiety, stress, and grief. For comfort, encouragement, and support, chat briefly by email or phone with a Certified Grief Coach. This is a no-cost offer and can be discontinued at any time. 

*Coaching is not, and does not replace professional counseling, therapy, or mental health services.



From Grief to Gratitude Coaching Program

Grief is the Journey . . . Gratitude is the Destination

Shirley Feuerstein

Certified Grief Coach with the Institute of Professional Grief Coaching

Certified Life Coach with the Life Purpose Institute

Coach with the Institute of Professional Grief coaching for Grief in the Workplace

Member of the International Coaching Federation


Grief coaching for the loss of a loved one or family member

Grief coaching for the loss of a significant other through Divorce or Separation

Grief coaching training for the Workplace

Depending on what my client feels comfortable with , I can have our sessions one to one, Face time or Zoom platforms, or by telephone. Our initial consultation is at no charge and your program is custom designed to meet your needs. Grieving is an individual journey and for some the process moves from one phase to the next and for others it can take some time, both of which are completely normal. This is why I do not offer a "generalized program" however I can after our initial conversation give you information in regard to the process and discuss with you what you want to attain when our sessions are completed.

It is my mission to take my clients from heartbreak to happiness in a time frame that allows them to create a new norm and find their new purpose. Becoming a certified grief and life coach, I believe, has been my destiny all along, one that I embrace with the knowledge of knowing what was, what is and what is yet to come can be life fulfilling.

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