Staci Hufty

As a Certified From Grief to Gratitude Coach, I compassionately walk along side those who are hurting and lost in their grief. Having endured sudden traumatic loss myself, it has become my personal mission to not let anyone walk alone in their grief journey. I help those who feel alone in their pain and struggle to find hope and strength.

Services Offered:

Sudden Traumatic Loss

I will work with you by phone, face-to-face, or one-on-one video conferencing.

Murder. It’s sudden. It’s traumatic. It’s devastating. It brings you to unbearable grief. We are not taught about grief. We are not taught how to grieve. We are not equipped to know what to do when sudden traumatic loss enters our life. We are not prepared.

I didn’t get to choose how my story began. I was not prepared for this life changing trauma that entered my life when my brother was brutally murdered at the age of 22. Domestic violence takes the innocent and shatters the innocence of life.

Losing my brother, in an untimely devastating way, left me unprepared for the journey ahead. My grief journey. All of the emotions; shock, anguish, denial, heartbreak, hopelessness, devastation, questions, regret, guilt, anger, along with other natural and normal emotions of grief, left me feeling overwhelmed, isolated, anxious, depressed, misunderstood and profoundly lost in my grief.

When I found From Grief to Gratitude, I found my way. I found courage to climb out from the darkness of my grief that had consumed me for far too long. Learning how to navigate in the wilderness of my grief; I found hope, grace, serenity, and my purpose.

I learned my pain had purpose, my mess had a message and my tragedy had triumph. My brother’s legacy was meant to be shared and he was helping me find my way.

If you are struggling to find your way through grief, I have hope to share. I can help you walk through your grief journey. Together, we will help you find purpose in your pain, hope in your heartbreak, and grace in your grief.

The rest of your life is worthy of the best of your life. Your best life now, is a beautiful way to honor the life and legacy of your loved one.

I look forward to speaking soon on a complimentary call. During our call, I will listen unconditionally. We’ll talk about your biggest struggles, your goals and how, together, we can make what seems impossible, POSSIBLE! Supporting you in your grief journey is my life’s purpose and my heart’s desire to walk along side you. It takes courage to take that first step and I BELIEVE in YOU. In working together, you will transition from shattered to strengthened, from broken to beautiful, from grief to gratitude. Together, we will find your way to live forward. I can’t wait to hear from you!

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